Key findings from some recently completed research carried out on behalf of The Scottish Bible Society.

The research gives a fascinating insight into the relationship between Scottish children and young people and the Bible, and you can download an executive summary here.

The Bible is a source of joy and comfort, but its format is a barrier to engagement.

The research highlighted the great joy that many young people experience when reading God’s Word, but the traditional format of columns, small text, old fonts etc made the Bible more difficult to read.

The Bible is taken seriously, and raises serious issues.

Those participating in the research were eager to discuss the ethical and moral issues raised by the Bible, especially the clashes between the Biblical worldview and contemporary culture.

School remains a significant place for most young people to interact with the Bible.

The research brought out that many young people still regularly encounter and engage with the Bible in school (particularly primary). School chaplains were frequently mentioned, but the narrow range of Biblical texts was also noted.

Images and pictures greatly improve Bible engagement.

The children in the research commented that illustrations and pictures help their understanding of the Biblical text. Also, film came up as an important medium for Bible engagement amongst children and young people.

Intergenerational communities are key to Bible engagement.

‘Community’ came up as the key factor in helping the participants engage with the Bible, whether it be a family member, leader in church, or at youth groups. There were also some comments made by participants that the conversations about the Bible were not as effective as they could be to help them understand.

In our current culture it appears to be necessary to be skilled in creating spaces for real conversations about the Bible so that young people have the chance to meet with God in its pages and fully apply His Word to their lives.

We’ve created resources that will help to create these spaces with all ages, all based around an accessible version of Luke & Acts, called Dear Theo. Click the below banner to find out more.

For more information about the research paper, Dear Theo or engaging all ages in the Bible, please email our Children’s Resource Manager, Jen Robertson.