We have supported the Ukrainian Bible Society both in a Bible distribution appeal in 2016 and in our Bible-a-month projects. Read on for an update on how God is at work in war-torn Ukraine.

Bible mission on the frontline

The conflict in eastern Ukraine might have all-but disappeared from our news feeds but rest-assured it still carries on and the country is still suffering.

During a recent trip to the frontline by Ukrainian Bible Society staff to give out Bibles, the staff described the trip as both “successful but also very painful”.

One day during the trip the Bible Society staff visited eight different frontline positions in forests and forest plantations and were met with a great need for Bibles.

Anatoliy Raychynets, Deputy General Secretary of the Ukrainian Bible Society, described what they saw when they arrived:

“The situation was the same in each place we visited: as soldiers lined up we asked if anyone had a Bible – and no, hardly anyone did! ‘Does anyone want a Bible?’ we would ask. Everyone raised their hands. ‘Does anyone have children at home they would like us to send Bibles to?’ Yes – some asked for Bibles for their kids, some for their nephews. Nobody who we offered Bibles to refused to take one, and some even came and asked for more.”

The Word eagerly accepted

Clearly there is a great hunger for the comforting words of Scripture on the frontline – it is a huge mission field currently open to the Ukrainian Bible Society, and one that they are making the most of.

What is especially significant is that this area, until recently, was predominantly atheistic.

But Bible Society staff and Father Vasiliy, an Orthodox priest who is the Vice Chairman of the Bible Society, received specific prayer requests from soldiers.

Then, upon arriving in nearby villages and handing out Bibles to locals, they saw that the villagers were kissing their copies as they received them!

This really is a testament to the comfort and sustenance that God’s Word brings to all, even in some of the most desperate situations.

Two stories of transformation

There are many stories of transformation through the Bible coming out of this terrible conflict – we have been sent two by the Ukrainian Bible Society which we will now share with you.

*names have been changed for security purposes.

“Mykola* is from a military family. His grandfather and father were atheists, [and] so was he; unlike the majority of Ukrainians, he was never baptised according to Orthodox rite.

But he accepted the Bible we offered and asked whether we had any children’s materials – it is the summer vacation so he wanted to send them to his kids to read and learn some values.

Please pray with us so that the atheistic legacy in this family is changed to knowing God intimately.”

“Another lady, Svetlana*, came to us and, apologising, asked for a few additional Bibles. In addition to her own two children, she wanted a Bible for a friend who serves in another unit. She also shared her desperation as her husband, who is also in the military, had been staying with the kids during his holiday but should return to frontline soon. So the Bible Society offered to help by sending the kids to a Christian summer camp. She accepted this with great gratitude!”

These testimonies are just a couple of the countless stories of transformation happening across the war-torn areas of Ukraine, and the ability to give Scriptures to soldiers and civilians, young and old, Christians and Atheists, is one that would not be possible without the help of Bible Societies around the world and their generous supporters.

Thank you for your support of the Bible work in Ukraine over the past few years. Please remember the Ukrainian Bible Society in your prayers as they continue to reach out to the many people who have been affected by the conflict.