God’s Word transforming elderly lives in Chile

Reading the Bible alone can sometimes be hard. The distractions, the complicated language, it can mean that we struggle to properly connect with God when reading on our own.

The Bible Society of Chile noticed that this was a regular comment made by elderly people in their country.

The older generation in Latin America (especially females) stay at home while the younger members of the family are out at work, and it can be very lonely for them, and when they read the Scriptures, they quite often cannot understand it.

That is why the Bible Society partnered with churches to launch the Light at Sunset project, aiming to connect elderly people in their communities, build friendships but also to study God’s Word and hopefully increase understanding.

The success of the project

The Bible Society of Chile recently interviewed two women who took part in the Light at Sunset, Maria Isabel Rojas and Carmen Jara.

Both women are in their 80s, and found the programme hugely beneficial for their understanding of the Bible and building relationships with the people who lived near them.

Mrs Rojas has already found that sense of community and shared understanding in the Bible from the group that she set up:

“We have learned a lot. It is not only about reading; it’s about the significance and context. Jesus calls us to share what we learn with others. I feel the need to teach the elderly, because they are very alone. I feel that God is with us at the table.”

Watch their heart-warming stories below.

Bible-a-month Partnership

We are currently supporting this project in our Bible-a-month Partnership. Click the link above to find out more and please consider praying for and giving to this great mission.

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