The Spoken Word

I can sometimes forget that when I’m reading the Bible, what I’m looking at is a translation.

Not just from the original Hebrew and Greek, but from the way it was originally communicated. The historical accounts of God’s people in the Old Testament, the songs in the Psalms and wisdom in the parables would have been passed on to one another through storytelling and in song. The books of the New Testament were letters written to people and churches with the intention of them being read to encourage, challenge and spur on Christ’s early Church as His Word spread out across the world.

Cultures would pass down their history, identity, worldview and religion through storytelling. The oral re-telling across generations of who they were, where they came from, their understanding of humankind and their relationship with God. The Bible is a written history of what began as an oral tradition thousands of years ago.

And today, when we speak the words of the Bible out loud, we reclaim the oral traditions of the past, the truths within Scripture come into the present, promises are spoken, and blessings received.

When God’s Word is out in the open, it will not return to Him empty – God is still using his powerful, transformative Word to bring the world back to Him. And we can be part of that.

We just need to speak.

A 21st century Gospel tool

So, in 2020 we want the world to re-engage with that oral tradition. We want individuals in their daily lives to speak God’s word aloud, every day. Whatever our age or circumstance, wherever we live work or play, we want the Bible to be spoken aloud to bless communities and see God’s powerful Word returned to Him with His desires accomplished.

On 1st January we are launching Bible 2020 – a year-long campaign encouraging us to speak the words of the Bible aloud across every country and nation, covering God’s earth in the Gospel and uniting the global church in upholding a centuries old tradition.

And we’re reviving this thousand-year-old tradition with an app.

“It will not return to me empty” – Isaiah 55:11

Bringing together the history of oral Bible tradition and the global reach of modern technology, Scottish Bible Society has developed the Bible2020 App, 366 days of short inspirational Bible verses that you can film yourself speaking and share it with your community so that together we can cover the globe in God’s Word through the year. The app will collate the videos and post them on a wall, letting you see and hear the nations speak the words of the Bible.

Just imagine what this will look like- the nationalities and cultures of the worldwide church united in a common purpose and vision, reading aloud the same passage in the same 24 hour period throughout the year, blessing their communities and individuals, and together covering the world with God’s Word. The Bible 2020 App will give a daily snapshot into the life of the global church.

Download the app today and get ready for this global movement.