The Scottish church – not what it once was

If we are to believe the media narrative, Scotland is not interested in the Bible.  Belief in the truth of the Bible is being slowly eroded, worn away by the prevailing ‘religion’ of our culture – secular humanism.

At Scottish Bible Society, we recognise that these are troubling and challenging times for the church, and confidence in the church about reaching our society is low.

According to recent research, just 4% of UK millennials have regularly gone to church as teens, only 1% have regularly gone to church as adults. Yet 20% read the Bible at least once a week. We will only reach this generation with the gospel by moving the Word of God from our pulpits and churches and into our streets, our homes and our workplaces, and speaking it aloud.

BIBLE 2020 – a 21st century Bible engagement tool

And what better way to reach the millennial generation, a group of people who rely on smartphone technology for everything from communicating with friends to watching Netflix, than with a Bible-reading smartphone app?

It is our prayer that through this simple, intuitive smartphone app, the barriers to Bible reading will be broken down, and an interest in Bible reading will not just reach the church, but a generation of men and women looking for purpose, direction and, ultimately, a Saviour.

To date 80 fellow Bible Societies, covering around 80% of the global population, will be involved in Bible 2020 and encouraging their churches to download the app and read across the world. The App will offer over 1,500 language versions and translations of the Bible, as well as social sharing on sites like Facebook and Instagram.

At this point, we don’t know how God is going to use BIBLE 2020, and where it might take us, but we do know that there is a hunger for the Bible, especially amongst millennials, and a real need for the church to re-engage with the Bible.

A global community engaged in Scriptures

BIBLE 2020 is also an opportunity for a generation who feel disconnected, to speak the Bible together across the earth and join a community of followers yearning for God to move.

And we do know that it is God who has sent his Word, and that he will do what he wants with it.

We pray that through this app we will begin to hear stories of how God is using that same Word in different ways in the lives of people in countries round the world.

Download the app today and join this global movement.