Bible 2020 has just released an update which includes a very exciting new feature – Groups

We’ve been wanting to have a groups function for a while on the app but wanted to make sure it was right before launching. We never knew how the world would change as we continued to build the app but we feel that for this time, Groups is an ideal way to help connect friends and family around the Bible in a world of social isolation.

Any Bible 2020 user can create a group: You could make a group for your church, your small group, youth group, family or any type of friends group you can think up – and invite others to join by sharing a link. The group can be public, so anyone can search for it and join, or it can be private meaning only people with the link can join.

Once you are in a group you will be able to see a filtered version of the Bible 2020 wall, showing just the people in your group. One of the wonderful things about Bible 2020 is adding your face and your voice to a global community, and we don’t want to change that. But we also want to give the option to just see those you know, love and miss – all speaking God’s Word together. While we can’t be with those we love right now outside of our homes, we can still encourage one another in God’s Word every day.

When we speak God’s Word aloud on the Bible 2020 app, we don’t just do it for ourselves. We do it for our brothers and sisters half-way across the world, our church family members on the front-line, our friends in hospital, and our friends who live around the corner but who we haven’t been able to see for weeks. With groups we can bring together all those people to speak the Bible, and hear it spoken by those they love, every day.

Right now, we can’t meet as a church, or as friends and family. There are a whole host of solutions online that help with that – Zoom, WhatsApp, Skype to name a few – but at times it can be intense and exhausting. The Bible 2020 groups feature is different. At any time of the day you can go on the app and see who has recorded today’s reading. You can watch and listen to friends and family doing their Bible 2020 reading and know that while the world may have changed around us, God’s Word remains the same for you and them, no matter where they are in the world.

So why not set up a group today? And get inviting people by sharing the link. If they don’t already have the Bible 2020 app on their phones, they’ll be prompted to download the app from the app store. At a time of social distancing around the world, we are praying that Bible 2020 will bring people together with timeless truth and eternal hope.

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