It is difficult to imagine, but in the midst of a pandemic, the work to spread the Good News is still growing, and from that, there are encouraging stories of how God is transforming lives through His Word.

This is the story of Nguyen Thi Thanh, a Vietnamese Christian who is deaf, and her encounter with the new Vietnamese Sign Language Bible.

It was back in 2016 when Thanh (far right in picture, wearing a blue t-shirt) was asked by the Vietnamese Bible Society to review an early draft of Bible stories being translated into Vietnamese Sign Language (VSL).

For someone who’s ‘mother tongue’ is sign language, Thanh felt great joy at the thought of Bible stories that were being told in VSL, as opposed to reading the words on a page.

The review process was to watch videos of a translator signing the stories to make sure that she, and the rest of the review team (pictured above) could understand it, before each Bible story could be signed off.

It was from that moment that Thanh vowed to work hard at her job on a farm in rural Vietnam to save up the money to buy a smartphone “just so I can watch the videos when they are published,” she told the Bible Society.

Three years later, in September 2019, the Vietnamese Bible Society launched 47 Bible stories in sign language at a special ceremony in Hanoi, and of course, Thanh was there!

“My heart was overwhelmed as I saw the Word of God playing on the big screen. The stories were really remarkable!” she signed as she smiled.

Since then, Thanh has been watching the Scripture videos at home on her new smartphone and says they have helped her feel more joyful and optimistic about life. They also prompted her to join the choir in her Deaf church.

“I’ve watched each video more than 10 times,” she told the Bible Society. “It is so wonderful to meditate on the Word of God at home. I hope to have more Bible story videos.”

Pray for the ongoing work of the Vietnamese Bible Society and their mission to provide VSL Bible story videos to Christians with hearing impairments.

If you want to find out more about the ongoing Bible mission during COVID-19, read stories like Thanh’s of joy at reading God’s Word in her heart language for the first time, and also find out how to join this mission, click the button below.

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