Just over 5.7 billion people around the world – that’s around 80% of the world’s population – now have access to a full Bible in their own language!

Of the 7000+ languages spoken around the world, 700 now have a full Bible in their language.

The landmark milestone was reached in August 2020 and was reported by progress.Bible, which compiles data from Bible translation agencies across the world, including United Bible Societies. And it is Bible Societies around the world who have provided around three quarters of those 700 full Bible translations!

UBS Director General Michael Perreau said:
“It is so encouraging to see 700 languages with the full Bible. This is the fruit of generations of sacrifice and generosity. Each Bible translation takes years of hard work and dedication. We give thanks to God for the men and women who have spent so much of their lives bringing God’s Word to their communities and for those who have supported and prayed for that work.”

In fact, in the past five years alone, the United Bible Societies has completed first translations of the full Bible in 50 languages, meaning that over 57 million more people can access the entirety of God’s Word in their mother tongue.

Looking further back down the road, it has been just seven years since the landmark 600 full Bibles was reached, and in 30 years the number has almost doubled (351 full Bible translations in 1990).

Translation progress is picking up speed – God’s Word is spreading faster than ever!

So what has been the cause of this increase in rate of translations being completed?

UBS Executive Director of Bible Ministry Alexander Schweitzer noted:

“Growing collaboration across agencies has been an important part of this exciting progress, as has growing capacity-building efforts at grassroots level amongst communities. These factors, together with technological advancement and supporter investment, has enabled us, by God’s grace, to see these incredible strides towards making the Bible available to everyone. We are grateful to God for bringing us all together and for blessing the work.”

However, there is still much work ahead: 1.5 billion people still do not have access to the full Bible in their language. Over the next two decades, our vision at United Bible Societies is to complete 1,200 translations, which will make Scripture accessible to 600 million people.

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