“Those who had been scattered preached the word wherever they went.”
(Acts 8:4)

What if we saw the crisis we are passing through as a Gospel moment for Scotland?

What if, like the disciples in Acts 8, scattered as we are in the cities, towns, and villages of Scotland and unable to meet in large numbers in our churches, we saw this time as the moment to share God’s Word with our families, friends and neighbours?

In March this year, just as lockdown began, we received copies of a beautifully produced special edition Gospel of Mark.

Entitled, Mark: The Time Has Come, and produced in magazine format with fantastic colour photographs, our plan had been to distribute these Gospels during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. COVID-19 changed our plans.

And we’ve been thinking, what is the Gospel opportunity amidst this change?

So we want to share that challenge with you. If your church had one box with 90 copies of “Mark: The Time Has Come”, what could it do with it to spread the Good News about Jesus?

Here are two suggestions:

One-to-one Bible Study

Across Scotland, one of the most fruitful and successful ways of sharing the Gospel is one-to-one Bible study.

Particularly in our Universities and Colleges, people have taken up the challenge to ask one of their friends if they’d like to meet up and read through a Gospel together.

Wonderfully, many people who were asked said “yes” and came to faith.

We are encouraging Christians throughout Scotland to get hold of two copies of Mark’s Gospel and read it with someone else. With COVID-19 restricting many church gatherings, what would it look like if two Christian friends met once a week and read Mark together?

And what would it look like if while they did this, they prayed for a friend or family member who is not a Christian?

And what would it look like for these two Christian friends, having prayed together, to give their copy of Mark to the friend they prayed for, or better still offer to read through it with them?

And what would it look like if, armed with the 90 copies of Mark that are in one box, 45 pairs of people from your church met, read and prayed together, and then gave away those 90 Mark’s Gospels to friends?

How would that spread the Good News about Jesus where you are?

Church Distribution

Some churches in Scotland have already begun giving away Mark: The Time Has Come at their foodbanks and in church cafes.

But what about popping a copy of Mark in every home in your street, or in the streets around the church?

What does it look like, having been shut out of our churches, for us to take the Gospel of Mark out into our community? And what will God do as a result?

Let’s read, let’s pray, and let’s get the gospel out together to Scotland.