This time last year we launched an appeal for the Bread of Life project. Set up by the Peruvian Bible Society, it is one of their longest running and most successful ministries addressing the needs of thousands of children across Peru.

Last year Bible work faced many difficulties due to COVID-19. But reports continue to show the
remarkable flexibility of this particular project and the resilience of the team delivering it.

Normally children attend a Bread of Life group either before or after school where they receive a nutritious meal for some it’s the only meal of the day. In addition, each child receives a colourful Bible storybook about the life of Jesus, telling them of his love for them.

By April however, new social distancing measures meant that groups of children were unable to gather together for the usual programme of a meal and Bible classes. Instead, Bible Society staff obtained the necessary permits to distribute bags with groceries to families including New Reader Portions for the children. During quarantine, 1,000 grateful families received food supplies and Scriptures.


‘I used to sell in the street, but no longer can, I had no food for my children,’ explained one mother as her eyes filled with tears. Thank you for the help and the Bible stories!’


Some breakfast distribution was able to continue, but only in outdoor settings, where the children now collect their breakfast to take home. The Peruvian Bible Society carefully prepared a manual, outlining a more stringent hygiene routine which is followed by every volunteer preparing

Children like 10-year-old Augustin are grateful for the continuation of Bread of Life  it has been a lifeline. He began attending the project in 2017. Before this his family could only afford to provide one piece of bread to share between him and his 2 brothers. But since attending the programme the boys receive a piece of bread each, and a delicious cup of milk! How moving it was to hear
Augustin say that when he grows up, he is going to help other people just like Jesus did. He also says he wants to study to become an engineer.

During 2020 South American countries were some of the worst affected by the pandemic  so it is especially humbling and encouraging to hear good news stories emerging during what continues to be a very dark time.


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