New Gaelic Audio Bible Project Launched

Adrian Armstrong | Head of Bible Engagement

“Mar sin tha creideamh a’ tighinn o èisteachd, agus èisteachd tro fhacal Chrìosd.”
Ròmanaich 10:17

We are delighted to announce an exciting new Gaelic Bible audio project that will take place in Scotland this summer.

The Scottish Bible Society published a new translation of the New Testament in modern Gaelic in 2017. We are working with Faith Comes by Hearing to produce an audio recording of this new translation, which will be made available free of charge on a variety of digital platforms. The recordings will take place in Edinburgh during July and Lewis in August.

This new audio resource presents an incredible opportunity for the Bible to be heard in modern Gaelic in schools, churches, and the wider community.

But the greatest resource that will make this recording possible are the Gaelic speaking community here in Scotland.  All the characters and books of the New Testament will be voiced by Gaelic speakers from the community, bringing to life the Biblical text. It is a recording by the Gaelic community for the Gaelic community.

There are many practical aspects of the project in which we are seeking help. But our greatest need is prayer.

Please pray for:

  • Confident Gaelic readers and speakers who can read the different characters and texts.
  • Gaelic “proof listeners” who will review the recording each day, checking the wording and pronunciation to ensure that what is recorded is clear and faithfully reflects the Biblical text.
  • A project assistant to work with the team during August in Lewis.

For more information, or if you can help in any of these areas, please email Fiona McDonald, Head of National Ministries  0131 347 9814.

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