The Christians in Algeria and Morocco are facing huge persecution. Their plight is so serious, we cannot include many details about their situations. Despite many dangers, the Church in Algeria and Morocco is alive and growing! But they are desperately short of Bibles.

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Pressure on Christians in Algeria is increasing. Many churches meet in secret, and threats, intimidation, and abuse of Christians in society is common.

The good news is that two thousand new Christians are baptised each year, even though this brings the risk of persecution. The Bible Society in Algeria’s aim, with your help, is to give each one a Bible.


99% of Morocco’s population is Muslim. However, it is estimated there are now around 40,000 Christians in Morocco, although some say there are thousands more who have to keep their faith a secret.

Every week, the Bible Society in Morocco receives around 100 enquiries from people requesting Bibles. The Bible Society work and mission in Morocco is highly confidential and for that reason we are unable to provide you with much information about it. In Morocco, preaching or confessing Jesus can lead to persecution or even being put in prison or worse.

I have been using the Megavoice device for about a year. It is the only way I can hear the Word of God in my language. Without this Megavoice player, I wouldn’t understand or know anything about God, about Jesus, about the Christian faith. I listen to it a lot at home, when I have finished cleaning and a neighbour comes and listens with me. She is so interested, and it makes me very happy. I love the Word of God, especially the words of Jesus, which are a great comfort to me. I pray that one day, my husband will also accept Jesus into his life.”

Anonymous Algerian Woman
An Algerian woman a mega voice audio device.
An anonymous Algerian man

I have been listening to Christian radio programmes for months. I write down everything, every verse, every explanation about the Bible. Then I share it with my family and friends, and everybody I meet who will listen to me!

Anonymous Algerian Man

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