Imagine losing your sight…
Losing connection with your community…
Losing hope…

Imagine not being able to read. Imagine being deprived of your Bible. No sharing in Scripture reading at church. Feeling less and less part of your community.

That is the reality for those who are part of the estimated 295 million people worldwide who are visually impaired – 40 million of them are totally blind.

Braille literacy programmes through Bible reading are transforming lives.

While audio Scriptures are one answer, for many others Braille Bibles are needed. An audio Bible can’t be used in church, and Braille allows people to feel part of the fellowship as they collectively read God’s Word.

In many countries, blindness is caused by poverty. Despite the substantial wealth created through oil in Angola, there is great poverty, particularly among subsistence farmers. People live in slums; children are hungry and often cannot go to school. Poor hygiene means that disease is prevalent, and this often affects vision.

Blind and visually impaired people have an additional struggle in that they are not seen as whole people – often neglected and treated as second class – and ignored by many.

Those who have lost their sight have also lost their ability to read. Sadly, this means that they can sometimes feel like an outcast in society.

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Your support can help change this.

The Bible Society in Angola works closely with Christian training centres to teach Braille and to provide Braille Bibles.

This education is very important, because it strengthens their self-confidence and restores self-esteem.

It helps people feel part of the community once again.

Your provision of Braille Bibles means that people with Visual Disabilities have the joy of reading God’s Word, not only at home, but in church, and will therefore feel fully involved in worship.

Please send a gift today to provide Braille Bibles.