Pastor Lim Souy, 44, reads to members of his congregation in the tiny rural church in the village of Teaktour, Mundolkiri Province, Cambodia.

The Bible Society in Cambodia are doing some fantastic work to improve literacy and bring people to Jesus.

Over the last few years their ‘Learning through Listening’ project has helped 46,000 people learn to read using Bible-based textbooks. Many of them would have previously known little, if anything, of Jesus and the Bible. Now they are reading and learning from their own Bibles every day.

Scottish Bible Society supporters helped to fund this project a few years ago. Isn’t it fantastic to see the difference you have made? Cambodians are learning to read the Scriptures and finding hope for the future.

But we need to ask for your help once again.

The Church is growing rapidly in Cambodia, however there are still many people who cannot read their Bibles. Illiteracy is widespread. In rural areas, over 60% of the population are not able to read or write.

To help meet this need, the Society use ‘Listen and Learn’ Digital Audio Players to make it easier to run literacy classes. Local church volunteers can be quickly trained to use these electronic audio devices to facilitate a literacy class.

Soun Te (standing, wearing striped shirt) teaching a literacy class in his village in Kampong Speu Province, Cambodia, using literacy materials supplied by the Bible Society in Cambodia.

Your gift of only £25 could provide a special “Listen and Learn” Digital Audio Player and bring real change to a whole village.

“I used to be illiterate, but now I know how to read the Word of God. I have my own Bible and can read it all by myself,” says a grateful Soun Te. “I’m so thankful that God gave us a chance to have this class in our village. The literacy workbook is more than just a tool to teach people how to read and write. Many have started to come to church and have turned to God.”

The average Cambodian family lives on less than $3 a day. Hard choices are made between food, medication and school costs. Nothing is left to feed these families spiritually and offer them hope.

Will you give generously today to help a Cambodian Christian read the Bible in their heart language?

Lay Seang Horn, 16 and Lorm Sam Ang, 14 attend a literacy class in the village of Rong Damrey.

During the Khmer Rouge’s four years of tyranny (1975-79), two million Cambodians lost their lives through political execution, starvation and forced labour. Schools were shut down as the regime believed in a “return to the earth and roots of Cambodia”—meaning farming, not education.

Even now the education system is still suffering from a lack of funds and qualified teaching staff. Teachers are underpaid. Some have two jobs and can only teach for a few hours each day.

This is why the Society developed the ‘Learning Through Listening’ classes, and people are finding God through His Word. New congregations have sprung up, and old congregations are being revitalized with new believers and a deeper understanding of God’s Word.

Your help is needed to continue to grow this programme. Will you help to provide Bibles as well as Bible-based study books for ‘Learning through Listening’?


For whatever was written in former days was written for our instruction, that through endurance and through the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope.
Romans 15:4 (ESV)


Bible Society facilitators are given a Digital Audio Player with lessons, and students listen, and follow along in their Scripture-based textbooks. Bible verses are used in each lesson, helping students to know Scriptures.

Former Khmer Rouge soldier Ie Khan is another facilitator helping others to read. “I can see that ‘Learning through Listening’ is a great tool. It enables people not only to read, but also to understand the Bible.”

Scottish Bible Society supporters really got behind this project. Let’s do it again and allow God’s Word to bring real change in Cambodia.