Help feed China’s Bible hunger

The Chinese government has said ‘yes’ to printing millions of Bibles this year. All we need is the cost of the paper.

Because of tightening regulations from the authorities in China, Christians and the Church are under increasing pressure. But despite these changes, the good news is that the Church in China has been permitted to print and distribute millions of Bibles this year.

These Bibles are printed at the Amity Printing Press, where the United Bible Societies are a key stakeholder. Now that permission has been given, we need to raise the money to fund the cost of the paper. Bible provision in China has had an immense impact on the rapidly growing church. The official number of Christians is just over 40 million, although the unofficial figure is around 100 million. And 1 million more are coming to faith each year.

However many, many more are still waiting to receive their own Bible. Your support today can make a real difference to this need.

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Man Ha Wen

Man Ha Wen became a Christian at 65 but had to wait until she was 90 for a Bible.

When she heard that the village church would be giving out copies provided by Bible Societies, she got up at 3am to make sure she didn’t miss the opportunity. Man Ha Wen’s daughter had tears in her eyes as she watched her mother receiving a Bible, smiling and touching her hands together in gratitude. ‘My first Bible,’ her mother said. ‘Twenty-five years ago, God chose me and I have been learning to read his Word ever since. I am so happy and thankful to have this Bible.’


Support our work in China

In rural areas, many Chinese people live a simple life based on subsistence farming that has been unchanged for centuries.

Others migrate to the cities for work where they live in cramped, miserable conditions surviving on low wages, most of which they send home to their families. This means that the Bible is a precious gift – something they could not otherwise afford.

Please partner with us to provide Bibles to Chinese Christians so that they can grow in their relationship with God through His Word.


14 years ago Tang Xinnian’s husband ripped up her only Bible because he objected to her going to church. It was left ruined and unreadable. Her one and only copy was destroyed. Xinnian, a farmer and mother-of-two, is just one of the the millions of Christians in China to have lived life without a copy of Scripture. Last year she heard that a local church was visiting a village near her home to hand out Bibles so she walked two hours across the countryside to the village to be there. When she managed to get a new Bible she was overjoyed.

There are millions more who are desperately waiting for a Bible.

You can be part of their story. Your gift will help give the Bible to people longing to receive God’s Word.

Support our work in China