There's one Christmas present
that could change a life forever.

And you can give it today.

Mai could not understand her Bible.

She is deaf, and as someone who primarily uses sign language, she struggles to comprehend written text. Like many others with hearing impairment, Mai found herself unable to engage with God’s Word – something that many Christians take for granted.

The Bible Society in Vietnam saw the need of people like Mai and decided to act. They produced a series of videos translating passages of Scripture into sign language. Now Mia can access the life-transforming hope found in the Bible.

“When I watch these videos, I can now understand. Thank you for bringing this to the deaf community.”

There are many more like Mai who desperately need the Bible in a format that they can understand.

Darkness and fear are a reality for many in Scotland this Christmas.

Amidst the loss experienced during the pandemic and the anxiety caused by the cost of living crisis, many are desperate for words of hope; for light in the darkness.

Light & Life has been created to take the words of hope found in the pages of John’s Gospel to those who need to hear them.

By pairing contemporary photography with an easy-to-read translation, this magazine is designed to help the reader explore and ponder this life-transforming story of Jesus and the promise of eternity for all who believe.

Your gift will help us to bring the light of God’s  Word to many in Scotland facing dark days.

There are many people in Scotland and throughout the World who need to receive the hope found in the Bible.

Will you help us meet their need?