This Christmas, amongst all the presents, consider giving one more – and help people have their own Bible.

As we once again hear the story of the angels who brought the good news to the shepherds, let us remember that we are all still involved in helping to introduce people to Jesus. You can do this by giving people access to their own Bible.

Your Christmas gift will make a huge difference to people like Joseph Mgarga, a farmer in Benue State, Nigeria.
“I was not attending church before and was involved in all kinds of vices”, says Joseph. “I was deeply into alcoholism, smoking and fighting. I was notorious and everybody knew me, but not for any good reason. The first time I attended the Bible listening programme was just to see what was happening there without any intention to be part of it. I stayed back to listen, and I got hooked by it.”

There are many more like Joseph who so desperately need change in their lives. And your gift today will help transform their lives through God’s Word.

Your Christmas donation can also help provide new translations to allow people to read God’s Word in their heart language for the first time.

Translations like the Ellomwe Bible which was launched in Malawi in August this year.
Celebrations began with a Bible march where a giant edition of the Bible’s cover was carried by the marchers. People came from various parts of the huge Phalombe district to witness the launch of the first ever Bible in Ellomwe.

Please send a gift today to bring God’s Word to even more people who are desperate to have their own copy of the Bible.

Augusta Chassola, an agricultural worker in Angola, tells us of the joy she has in having her own copy of God’s Word.

“There is so much in the Bible that feeds my soul, so many teachings. In the Bible we have everything. The Scripture in Umbundu brings great joy to me. Now I can at any moment read it by myself and for my family.”

Your Christmas gift will help here in Scotland too…

The falling literacy levels in Scotland’s schools bring new opportunities for the church to reach out to schools and communities through Bibleworld Books – a new resource which can be used in after-school clubs, in church Sunday schools or in whatever children & all-age context you find useful.

A Bibleworld Books session
Adapted from the Biblical texts, each storybook has bright, original illustrations, all within the guidelines of the school curriculum in Scotland.

“To hear the children read aloud of the things that God has done, the stories from the Gospels about Jesus and to help them relate the message of Scripture to their own lives has been transforming.”

Please give the best gift this year – a gift that will mean more lives transformed through the Bible as people encounter Jesus – both in Scotland and around the world.

Wishing you a very happy and blessed Christmas,

Elaine Duncan

Chief Executive