1 million people in Cuba now have their own Bible.

Despite almost sixty years of communist rule in Cuba, the church is experiencing amazing growth. However, a shortage of Bibles was, and still is, a problem. When we last presented this need to our supporters, the response was humbling.

Our supporters, along with others around the fellowship, helped fund the provision of those desperately needed 1 million Bibles.

This means that just under 10% of the population now have their own Bible.

Until recently it was almost impossible to get hold of a Bible in Cuba. And even after distributing a million Bibles, the shortage continues. In addition to the shortage, the cost of a Bible is the equivalent of a week’s wage, so most people still cannot afford to buy their own copy.

In some churches, the weekly Bible study gathers around just one Bible.

“Many Christians repair their Bibles,” says pastor Carlos Macías López. “Bibles are scarce, so those privileged to own one preserve it at all costs.”

More than anything, Cuban Christians would love their very own copy of God’s Word.

That is why we are asking, once again, for your help in reaching out to many more Cubans with the Word of God.

Your gift today can provide even more Cuban Christians with their own Bible.

As a result of reforms over the last few years, the Bible Commission (the name for the Bible Society in Cuba) has an ongoing programme of distribution.

As soon as word gets around that Bibles are being distributed, the churches are full to the brim with people eager not to miss out on the blessing of reading their own copy of God’s Word.

The clamour for Bibles shows the hunger there is for God’s Word in Cuba. This is one reason that the church, of every denomination, is growing so fast.

So, this is why we turn to you to ask for your help in meeting this hunger for the Bible.

“Last week 14 new members of our church were baptised,” explains a pastor, “and we didn’t have enough Bibles to give to them all – so we gave away our own!”

Please support this appeal today and be a part of this amazing work of God in Cuba.

Reina Nievez Herrera Font is a pastor in Holguin who had no Bibles to give to her congregation. When she heard that the Bible Commission had Bibles for her and her church, she burst into tears.

“Now I am very, very happy”, she says.

Reina’s tears show us, far more than words, what it is like for a congregation to have no Bibles.

This lack of Bibles is a constant pain in the believers’ hearts. They are longing to share the Word of God with their fellow countrymen in Cuba.

Please join them in this mission to continue the growth of the church in Cuba through the provision of God’s Word to many more Cubans.

Thank you.