And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people.
Ephesians 6:18 (NIV)

Aerial photograph of the damage from the hurricane

In autumn 2016, Hurricane Matthew devastated Haiti. In addition to the personal losses of homes and possessions, over 716 schools, health facilities and the existing sanitation infrastructure all su­ffered immense damage. Crops and livestock were destroyed and the fishing industry was completely paralysed as their equipment was washed away. Sadly, it will probably take many years for significant parts of the country to recover economically.

Four months on, humanitarian aid is still being delivered to those most a­ffected by the storm that impacted 2,000,000 people, including 900,000 children.

The Bible Society in Haiti is working to bring hope and a brighter future in the face of devastation and despair. Together with aid agencies and NGO’s, the Haitian Bible Society and local churches are working together to deliver essential supplies alongside the comfort of God’s Word.

Help rebuild lives today!

Out of destruction there is hope

Despite the physical destruction, the spiritual life of the Haitian people is being rebuilt! The church in Haiti is growing, as is the desire to read the Bible. However, 60% of Haiti’s 11 million population are illiterate. To meet this need, the Haitian Bible Society wants to help develop people’s literacy skills through running a literacy programme so they can read God’s Word for themselves and find comfort. The need is even more urgent since Hurricane Matthew as many Haitians have been forced to find alternative sources of employment to feed their families, and the inability to read and write makes this almost impossible.

Haitians, like Ghislaine Joseph, who complete the literacy programme will graduate with the potential to make a better life for themselves and their families.

Ghislaine was one of 1,000 people who graduated in December 2016 from the literacy project. Thanks to this life-changing project, Ghislaine now has the hope and confidence to support herself and her family, and can also read God’s Word.

My name is Ghislaine Joseph and I am a community leader in the area in which I live. Sadly I did not have the opportunity to attend school. I could not read or write which made life very difficult for me. Now with the catastrophes which have happened to Haiti , traditional forms of income generation became impossible. There were no other opportunities because I could not read or write. Now that I can, I can better serve my community when dealing with the banks and authorities. I also find great joy from reading my Bible which the Bible Society gave me. I was so excited even to be able to fill out a form at the end of the course and now provide support to those who need my help. I thank the Bible Society. Please help me celebrate this happy moment.

Your support will make this possible. Please prayerfully consider helping support this work that is turning despair into hope.

Thank you so much.