Now, as much as ever before, the world needs a message of hope — and hope is found in God’s Word — meaningful, lasting, trustworthy hope.

The sort of hope that people everywhere have been finding through opening the Bible. Hope that you have helped us to provide. Thank you.

We have greatly valued your ongoing prayers and practical support for our work here in Scotland and around the world. Please continue to partner with us in support of those for whom the dark days of this pandemic are far from over.

In Haiti, Magda N. Victor, the General Secretary of Haiti an Bible Society told us,

“The situation is very complicated in my country. In addition to poverty, which is an endemic situation, we had to face a locked country, due to political upheaval, last year which lasted several months. This made our situation very precarious.
Now we are undergoing the rigours of the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently we are reaching our peak; the country is practically closed again these past months.
But people cannot observe confinement as they are forced to go out every day to find something to eat. There are very few hospitals, so many of the people infected have reverted to practice the traditional cultural medicines.
Our Bible distribution projects are now on hold, but we are particularly anxious to recommence providing children with the Word of God when schools eventually reopen.”

Your gift today will ensure that resources will be readily available as soon as it is safe to begin distribution again.

Yes, I want to help.

In Lebanon, the Bible Society offices were damaged recently in the explosion that hit the capital of Beirut. Thankfully, all the staff were safe.

The centre was missing window frames and doors, as well as basic functional fittings. Even though work has been going on to clear up the damage and repair the building, the team were quick to continue with the programmes and activities at this desperate time for the country.

The Bible Society have now launched a campaign — “Rebuild based on God’s Word” providing Bibles and New Testaments to families working to restore their homes. This is in partnership with churches and relief agencies.

Dr. Mike Bassous, General Secretary says:

“We praise God for the safety of our colleagues. We also ask you to join us in continuing to pray for the team serving with the Bible Society in Lebanon, for all people in Beirut who are injured or who have family and loved ones who died in the explosion and for the continued ministry of the Bible Society in Lebanon of sharing Scripture at this time.”

Mike Bassous spoke to our team on a special episode of the Outspoken Bible podcast, which was based around the theme of Hope in Suffering. Listen here:

Yes, I want to give the gift of hope.

In Rwanda, like so many other countries, they are struggling with effects of COVID-19. For the Bible Society there this means that programmes such as “Bible-based Trauma Healing” have been temporarily suspended. This is particularly difficult as the country is still working through the aftermath of the 1994 genocide. This programme is crucial in helping to heal the nation.

Alice Mukarulinda was one of those who survived the genocide, though she was badly wounded and lost 26 members of her family.

With the help of the Bible Society of Rwanda, she and others had begun to meet and share with those who had attacked them. Perpetrators and victims started to sit together and heal from the trauma.

“I am a person who has forgiven. I deeply hated myself; I was desperate; I hated Hutus, but then I was taught the Word of God, and I wanted to contribute.”

Please pray that the pandemic situation will improve enough to allow this crucial Bible-based healing programme to begin again.

Yes, I want to give to help support Trauma Healing in Rwanda.

In an earlier letter we told you about the ministry in war-torn Syria where the COVID-19 pandemic had forced the closure of Bible House in Aleppo and Damascus. Not even 9 years of conflict had caused this! The team had faithfully kept things open to fulfil their mission amidst the bombing and fighting.

Approval was granted to the Syrian Bible Society to distribute Scripture to children in cities and towns across the country. The staff were able to directly impact the lives of 28,000 children with Scripture storybooks. This ministry gives children hope for the future, many of them having been exposed to the horrors of war. Many others have been displaced from their homes. Having reached so many children, even in this most difficult of situations, the Bible Society is not stopping. They need your support to ensure that the distribution will continue and that they will achieve their target of reaching 100,000 children by the end of the year.

Your gift today will mean more and more Syrian children will discover hope and the promise of ultimate peace through God’s Word.

Thank you for your prayers and support over the past 6 months of this pandemic, we are truly partners in this Bible mission together.