Greetings from the staff and trustees of the Scottish Bible Society.

During these challenging days we want you to be assured of our concern and prayers. The word unprecedented is certainly the term to best describe our current situation, not just in the UK but around the world too.

We greatly value your prayers and practical support for our work. Thank you so much for your faithful commitment to ensuring that people in Scotland and around the world have access to God’s Word.

Now, as much as ever, people need the Bible.

We know from our colleagues around the globe, many of whom live with ongoing fear and uncertainty, that this is the time when people need to know God and to grow in their trust that he is with us. People need to know the hope that only Jesus can bring.

We, and our fellow Bible Societies, are having to be creative and innovative in how we help people access and engage with God through the Bible. Please pray the Lord will lead us clearly as we adjust our plans and programmes. We are thanking God for technology that enables local and global communication.

Two years ago, we felt prompted by the Lord to begin planning Bible 2020. This initiative invites people to read aloud a short passage from the Bible every day throughout the year. The reading plan is available online ( and is also delivered via a smartphone app through which people can post a video of themselves reading the Bible verses.

Even before we were in lockdown, a number of people had told me what a lifeline Bible 2020 is for them. Along with the encouragement of reading Bible verses, they found themselves connected to the global church in a way they hadn’t experienced before.

This is one example of how God has gone before us, reassuring us that global pandemics do not take him by surprise. I am receiving messages from other Bible Societies about how they are using Bible 2020 and what an encouragement the daily readings are to Christians in their context. God is good!

I am conscious that as we adjust to our new reality, many countries around the world do not have the support systems we benefit from. We are having to get used to restricted freedom. Many of our brothers and sisters in Christ live with lack of freedom every single day, some because of poverty and some due to religious persecution.

Let us remember them in prayer in these days when we have more time to pray.

Last week I heard from Pablo in Peru. The Bible Society there runs the Bread of Life programme for children who are malnourished, providing food, Bibles and Christian support.

The communities they serve do not have running water. The people have no access to health care. As we stand in solidarity with the global church, let us bring these children before God’s throne of grace.

The Syrian Bible Society in Aleppo has remained open every single day through a gruelling nine-year war — a war that continues to this day.

It has served as a safe place of shelter for hundreds of lost people during dark days. But the advent of COVID-19 has now forced its closure.

Yet, in the midst of this new threat to safety, staff are working from home and are determined to find ways to get their Easter Children’s Bible into the hands of 25,000 eagerly waiting children. As you can imagine, this may take longer than usual but the children are in desperate need of hope and encouragement.

These are two of many ongoing stories we hear from our partner Bible Societies operating in 200 countries and territories across the globe. There is real hunger for God’s Word around the world, particularly during this pandemic.

Colleagues here in Scotland and in many other countries continue distribution of, and engagement with, God’s Word.

Your partnership in this work is essential as together we seek to build Christ’s kingdom through this hugely challenging season.

Thank you for joining with us in our mission to see lives transformed through the Bible.

Elaine Duncan
Chief Executive