The Lord is near to those who are discouraged;
he saves those who have lost all hope.
Psalm 34:18 (GNT)

Can you imagine doing Bible mission in a country ravaged by war with destruction and danger all around you? A place where Christians have been persecuted, the government is unstable, violence is commonplace and poverty is widespread?

This is the everyday reality for Nabil Omiesh and his team from the Bible Society in Iraq.

Nabil says, “We always need prayer for our staff , who are working under these difficult circumstances. They require tremendous strength.”

Despite all this, Nabil and his staff try to work hard with joy and peace in their hearts to serve the Lord Jesus Christ.

In the picture above, Nabil stands in a room in a church in Qaraqosh. A room that used to contain around 500 Bibles. A room burned and Bibles destroyed by ISIS as they ransacked every church on the Ninevah Plains.

The need for Bibles for Christians in Iraq has never been greater.

An altar in a ransacked church in Qaraqosh

This is the church of Archbishop Yohanna Petros Mouche who said, “I wept and wept when I came into this room to see all the Bibles destroyed. Please help us with new Bibles”.

Persecution means Iraqi Christians depend on God more than ever. Your support today will provide Scriptures that will bring comfort and strength.

This difficult work is bearing fruit, and the Bible Society in Iraq is considered an important part of the Christian culture in the country.

They provide key Bible programmes for people in need as well as an important Bible-based trauma healing programme.

It’s hard for us to imagine the traumatic situation that our brothers and sisters still experience each day as they return to their homes from refugee camps.

They often suffer from deep physical and emotional wounds, having been displaced from homes and communities – even sometimes families. Some have suffered abuse. They now return to homes that have been destroyed.

The Bible-based trauma healing programme helps them to find the healing and hope that is found in God’s Word as they work through their experiences and discover God’s love for them.

Nabil giving out Bibles and aid to children

Using trained volunteers, people are experiencing the Bible in a new way. Many passages in the Bible talk about the suffering of God’s people. Through seeing elements of their suffering reflected in the characters and events of the Bible, they begin to understand God’s love and care for them.

They discover that they can take their pain and suffering to the cross for healing from the trauma they are experiencing.

The Iraqi people are beginning to return home after the conflict only to find their houses, villages and livelihoods destroyed. The Bible Society in Iraq is supplying these people with Bibles and offering Bible-based trauma healing to many who are suffering from both physical and emotional wounds.

Please pray and consider giving to help this vital work.

Thank you.