The gift of a Bible can be a

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In the midst of fresh turmoil across the world, people are crying out for Bibles. Bible Societies are working hard to meet this need and lives are being transformed as people engage with God through his Word.

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‘We continue to serve our churches and people by offering the most precious thing – the word of hope, the Bible – as we believe it can create true peace in people’s hearts. The need for the Bible is huge – everywhere people are asking for Bibles’.

Yusef and his son were a typical happy Father and child in Syria. Then one day that all changed. They both witnessed an IS fighter kill a man right in front of them in the street.

Both were very badly traumatised by this. Yusef knew he had to find a way to leave Syria.

When there was a pause in the fighting, Yusef rushed his family into the car, grabbed their documents and fled. They began a long journey to safety and finally arrived in Austria.

It was here that the local Bible Society helped them through the Bible-based Trauma Healing programme. Their lives have been transformed through engaging with God’s Word.

‘Over the years, many people have had to flee their homes in Syria and Iraq and are now refugees in Lebanon – living in camps, oft en without access to even basic necessities. For many it has been so long that they have forgotten what life with hope and freedom means.

The packages include food and medicines as well as Scriptures – Children’s Bibles and New Testaments.

For many this is their first experience of engaging with the message of the Bible.’

In Scotland, the need for the healing power of Scripture is just as great. Bible-based Trauma Healing is transforming lives and equipping people to go back into their communities where they can share how God brings healing to broken, traumatised lives.

This has been particularly significant as we come out of the pandemic where many people have lost loved ones, lost jobs or who have been isolated and lonely.

Someone who benefitted from this said:

“I will now be able to take what I learnt and by God’s wisdom and guidance, hopefully be able to help in some way in healing the hurting hearts of the people I come across”.

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