In September 2017, a team of SBS staff and volunteers ventured out to Malawi to see what God is doing in the Warm Heart of Africa. This team was led by Norman Liddle, Community Partnership Manager at SBS, who was keen to share one eye-opening story from his experience.

Pastor Tingo Wende

I met Pastor Tingo Wende on my recent trip to Malawi, and he showed me his Bible. It was old and worn out through lots of use, and had many pages missing.

In fact, it started at Genesis 42 and stopped in 1 Corinthians.

As we talked together, he told me that there were things he wanted to teach his church but couldn’t because of the missing pages. Can you imagine that?

It was a privilege to provide him with a new Bible. I will never forget seeing his joy at having a complete Bible again. What a challenge to see this man’s passion for God’s Word and his deep desire to share it with others. And what a joy to hear him read Ruth chapter 1 to us from his new Bible before we left him.

Pastor Tingo’s old and new Bibles

Pastor Wende is pastor of a small church in a remote village, and his new Bible is the only one in the whole congregation. No one can read again or study what was taught on Sunday. But it is not just his congregation that need their own Bible. In the villages around, there are many people who are desperate to have their own copy of God’s Word.

I was thrilled to see the Bible Society in Malawi at work as they distribute Scriptures in situations such as this – but they just don’t have the funds to meet the huge need stemming from people desperate to have their own Bible.

Please give a gift today and help supply much-needed Bibles.

Children at Thondwe CCAP

Even though Pastor Wende’s old village church is falling down and urgently needs replacing, they are not asking for bricks – these can be made from local materials and the village will all work together to rebuild. What they are asking for is Bibles – and your support today will put more Bibles into the hands of families to help build stronger Christians.

While there, I was also privileged to visit a number of Sunday Schools. What an experience to see hundreds of excited children meeting together, singing, praying, and reading their Bibles – Bibles you have helped provide and that they treasure so much.

What a thrill to hear them share their favourite Bible stories. However, I was also very frustrated to see the many hundreds of children who still do not have their own Bible. Children who are so eager to read for themselves about David and Goliath, Daniel in the Lion’s Den, and many other favourite stories.

Please send a donation today and give the gift that changes lives.

If you would like to hear more about Malawi and feel that your church would benefit from a visit from myself, or one of the other volunteers who went to Malawi with me, then please get in touch with me to make arrangements.

Thank you so much,