God’s Word is changing the lives of Malawi’s children.

More and more children are asking for Bibles, and the Bible Society in Malawi needs your help to meet that need.

Imagine a church Sunday school bursting at the seams with more than 200 eager children, but not a single resource in sight. No pictures on the walls, no activity books, no crafts. Not even a Children’s Bible.

That’s the reality for so many churches across Malawi. Families are too poor to buy children’s Bibles and the churches have no funds. They are looking to us to provide God’s Word so they can learn about Jesus and grow in faith.

Volunteers do their best to retell stories from Scripture, but it’s a challenge. So, for the last few years, the Bible Society team in Malawi have been providing Children’s Bibles to Sunday schools.

These Bibles are changing the lives of children. Please send your gift today for Children’s Bibles.

Read Wanga's Story

Wanga had been going to church all his life, but he never really understood God’s Word until a delivery of Children’s Bibles arrived.

Now, he says, the simple language and pictures bring the stories to life – and his faith is growing. ‘The Bible teaches us to obey our elders and be honest, and be active in the Church,’ says Wanga. ‘Having a better understanding gave me the confidence to preach to the whole congregation, and I help lead Sunday school now. I’m inspired that Jesus began teaching when he was just 12.’


Read Tadala's Story

Tadala,10, lives with her mum and dad, baby sister and two brothers, including her twin. She’s bright and articulate and wants to be a doctor when she grows up.

She loves to read the Bible at home, and said, ‘The Bible tells me Jesus is with me.’ Tadala received a Children’s Bible from our team in Malawi. ‘This book is designed for me and I can understand it properly,’ said Tadala. ‘My favourite story is the birth of Jesus Christ.’


We must provide more Bibles to Malawi’s children.

Clapperton Mayuni, who leads the Bible Society ministry in Malawi, said he provides around 3,000 children’s Bibles a year – but could distribute 10 times as many if only he had the funds.

Every week, church leaders phone him up and ask for Scriptures. Clapperton tells of one recent experience when he took 120 Bibles to a church, thinking that would be plenty. But imagine his surprise when, on arrival, he discovered there were 750 children in the Sunday school!

The few Bibles they already had were being shared, with children taking it in turns to take the Bible home for a week before returning it for another child to use. Children’s faces light up with joy as their very own Children’s Bible is placed into their hands – this is what your donation could do.

Thank you for your partnership in the Gospel. Together, we will see a generation shaped, inspired and transformed by the Bible.

Your response means so much to these children, and you can make a real difference to their lives.

Take a look at the Bible you can provide for Malawi's Children.