to people living in rural Kenya

Maria was unable to access the Bible.

Like many others living in her village in rural Kenya, she is unable to attend church due to a lack of transport. But she has an even greater problem — Maria has trouble with her sight, making it impossible for her to read the Bible.

However, just outside Maria’s home, there is a circle of plastic chairs with a small audio player in the middle. But this is not just any player — this is an Audio Bible provided by the Bible Society of Kenya as part of the ‘Faith Comes by Hearing’ project.


‘The Audio Bible has made a huge difference in my life,’ Maria says. ‘My thoughts and worries are calmed. I know that Jesus will always be with me and will carry me through hard times.’

Mary cannot read.

The only time she had heard God’s Word was when she was able to attend church.

Now that she has her very own Audio Bible, God’s Word speaks directly to her heart. Mary has been greatly encouraged by the promises she hears via her Audio Bible.

‘Every time I listen to the Audio Bible, I hear words that speak of God’s power to do impossible things!’

With your help, more people living in rural Kenya can be supplied with Audio Bibles in their heart language.

Open the Bible for someone in Kenya, today.