The Bread of Life programme is bringing real change to the children of Peru

2 out of 3 children in Peru live in poverty, with as many as 25% of all children suffering from malnutrition

Behind this stark statistic is hope. Last year, the Peruvian Bible Society helped over 5,000 children in need of food, spiritual guidance, and safety.

But they need you to partner with them to meet the need again this year.

Children attend a “Bread of Life” group either before or after going to school. There they receive a good quality, filling meal. For some children, it is the only meal of the day. They are also taught to take care of themselves by learning good habits, like discipline and cleanliness.

Elaine Duncan helping to distribute Bibles to children in Peru

Elaine helping to distribute Bibles to children who attend the Bread of Life programme

But providing these meals is not enough. The children also need a message of hope and good news. That’s why it is important to provide a meal and the Gospel.

So each child also receives a colourful Bible storybook telling them about the life of Jesus, and explaining to them that, although they are poor, He loves each and every one of them.

Last year, our Chief Executive Elaine Duncan had the opportunity to visit the project and see the need first-hand, as well as witnessing how this amazing project is changing children’s lives. Children such as Karina Cabeza (aged 10) who said:

Every day before breakfast we pray and thank God. The Bible teaching every day helps us to know God and his Word better. I go to church every Sunday, taking the Bible I was given by the project. I also like to colour in the Bible portions, to pray and recite Bible verses. I thank God, the Peruvian Bible Society and all the believers who make it possible for the children in my community to have this tasty breakfast, which is all we have to eat before we go to school.

Bible distribution as part of the Bread of Life programme in PeruIn situations where an entire community lives in poverty, people often have so little hope that additional issues such as alcohol/drug misuse and domestic violence become commonplace, almost accepted as a part of life.

However, the change being brought about by the “Bread of Life” project is challenging this. By teaching the children biblical principles, the lives of whole families will be impacted.

That is the difference that your support will make.

Many people are giving £10 to enable the children to be fed physically for a month. For just £5 more, you can ensure that they also receive spiritual food through God’s Word that will impact their whole life.

Children like Marylyn Aguilar (8 years old) who said:

Before coming to the Bread of Life, I didn’t eat anything nutritious like I do now. I’d either eat leftovers or just a cup of tea and a bread roll. I didn’t know how to pray, and I didn’t have friends to play with. I now have a lot of friends at the Bread of Life; this programme is a great blessing for our needs. I’m grateful for the support I receive through the Bible classes. My life has changed. Now I like to pray more often; I go to Sunday school and read the Bible with my parents at home. I am very grateful and ask you to continue to provide as you have been doing because it’s a great help to us.

How can we not respond? Your support will help change children’s lives in Peru.