In the midst of a brutal civil war, the Bible Society in South Sudan is helping to rebuild lives. Will you support their work?

South Sudan is no easy place to live.

Its people are enduring the longest-running civil war in Africa; a war that has torn families apart, driven people from their homes, and left people living in fear. The country faces a famine and people struggle to find food. Violence continues to escalate.

In spite of the dark, ruinous place that the country is in, the Bible Society in South Sudan continues its life-changing ministry:

  • Bible-based Trauma Healing groups are having a massive impact in supporting people whose lives are in turmoil
  • New translations are being prepared to bring God’s Word to more people
  • Literacy groups and Bible listening groups are making the Bible accessible to many more people
  • The Bible Society of South Sudan has engaged in mediation with some of the warring factions

Lives are being rebuilt as people encounter God through the Bible.

Lives rebuilt…

But we need your help today to support this amazing and life-changing ministry.

Your donation can help bring change to the lives of more people like Ferida and Thereza. There is hunger for the Bible and, throughout the years of civil war, Bible distribution has never stopped. Lives are being transformed by God’s Word.

Please send your gift today which will help bring comfort in turmoil, light in the darkness and hope to the hopeless.