Help for Persecuted Christians

It is now 8 years since the start of the war in Syria. Today there is still ongoing conflict amongst many different factions, including Al-Qaeda and Isis.

During this time, the persecution of Christians has meant that many have suffered the trauma of being displaced around the world. Those who have remained in Syria continue to experience horrendous persecution and hardship.

Today, you can support and comfort persecuted Christians in the Middle East.

Let me share a testimony from a Syrian woman (we’ve withheld her name to protect her identity).

Her story is like that of so many others who, still today, are traumatised by what they have gone through and are still living with.

On Christmas Day 2013, I was captured and taken prisoner by Al-Qaeda in Syria. For the first two years, together with my mother, we were always being moved around to several places (mostly very scary and dark) and often passed on to and held by several different Islamist groups.They constantly referred to us as “You Christian dogs”.

The last place we were held was underground and in the dark. While we were there, another woman in captivity with us gave birth. She was there with her other two children. I would tell them Bible stories and sing songs for them.

The guards would keep saying that if we turned to Islam, we could go free that very day. We always refused. Our faith in Christ kept us strong.

After a long time, they began to wonder why we wouldn’t renounce our Christianity. One asked us to tell them what we believed in, and I said that if I had a Bible, I could show them. Somehow, from somewhere, one of the guards found a Bible, and we told them about our faith.

We tried also with our lives to show them what Christian faith really is. I had the opportunity to testify of Jesus’ love, and that God loves all people. This was something they had never heard of.

It was clear to us that God was with us from day-to-day. I feel that as I came into this situation, I was given the opportunity to tell about Jesus, his death for us, and his love. I experienced that God protected us from evil people who didn’t wish any good for us.

God kept us through all this difficult time. And he used us as witnesses! I constantly felt that Jesus told me, “You are going to get out of this and through all the difficult things.”

Psalm 51 became especially important to me during this time, with the prayer “Be merciful to me, O God!” It was a joy, before our release, to hear the guards say, “We have learned to love Jesus because of you”.

Now I spend my time with the Bible Society, working with people who have suffered the same trauma as me. We help them to move forward in life.

Bible-based Trauma Healing

Almost every Christian family still living in Syria is suffering from some form of trauma. Depression, anxiety, fear and a sense of hopelessness cloud people’s everyday lives.

The Bible Society in Syria is working to address this desperate situation by training more Syrian Christians in Bible-based Trauma Healing. Working in local churches, these trained facilitators will reach out to families to meet their particular need.

Your donation today can help support this valuable work of Bible-based Trauma Healing.

This is an effective programme which is bringing peace and healing. It helps people survive spiritually and to come through the many traumatic things they have seen and experienced.

Many people of other faiths are deciding to become followers of Jesus, and demand for Bibles in Syria has never been higher.