BE PART OF their story

All around the world there are people who are desperate for their very own Bible.  

Some cannot afford to buy one. Others live in places where Bibles are hard to find. For many,  there is not yet a translation in a language they can understand.

But today you can help people across the world experience the transformation that can happen when people meet Jesus through reading God’s Word. 


Will you be part of their story by sending a gift to provide people with the precious Word of God?



Hanna was three when she lost her father.

Since then, she lived with the shadow of loss. As a small child she battled disturbing thoughts and had many questions. She complained bitterly to God that if her father were still alive life would not be such a struggle for her family.

Hanna was introduced to Bible-based Trauma Healing sessions by the Bangladesh Bible Society. Through them, she was released from her hurts and encountered Jesus.

She discovered that God loves her and has a plan for her life. He is not distant but close to her. He sees her struggles and feels her pain. She is now learning to depend on his love and ask him for the strength she needs.

Bounnoy was controlled by his addiction to drinking and drugs.

He desperately wanted to leave those things behind, but nothing he tried could cure him. During those dark days, his wife continuously prayed and encouraged him to come to church with her. Finally, Bounnoy agreed to go and as he listened he was amazed by what he heard. 

Captivated by the gospel, Bounnoy accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour. Bounnoy prayed every day for two months, asking God to cure him of his addiction. From then on he didn’t go back to his old way of life. Instead of drinking and taking drugs he now wanted to serve the Lord. Jesus has the power to transform lives. Bounnoy now continues to experience change through reading his Bible, for within its pages he meets God.

We rejoice in these stories of transformation , but we know that there are still so many who  do not
have the privilege of having access to their own Bible.

Because of your gift:

  • Christians will be able to read God’s Word for the first time as it is translated into their heart language
  • People with literacy or sight issues will be able to listen to Audio Bibles
  • Bibles will be made available in difficult areas of the world where it is so dangerous to be a Christian
  • Someone will encounter Jesus for the first time as they read the Bible.

We bring our gifts and pray that the Lord will use them for his good purposes as he builds his Kingdom around the world. 

Thank you for being part of God’s big story.