What a privilege and blessing it is for us to open our Bible, read it and understand it.

Our understanding is helped enormously when we read it in our own language. What joy and blessing reading Scripture brings to our souls.

But imagine if we did not have the Bible in our own language. Imagine opening your Bible in church and trying to read and understand this:

“Gọd laik pipul fọ wọld wẹl wẹl, na im mek Am giv Im ọnli Sọn, so dat ẹvri pẹsin wee put im trọst fọ Gọd Im Sọn nọ go dai, bọt go gẹt laif wee nọ go ẹva ẹnd. Gọd no sẹnd Im Sọn fọ wọld so dat Im Sọn go kọndẹm pipul fọ wọld, bọt so dat Im go sev dẹm.”

Did you recognise this as John 3:16? It is in a form of English — but not as we know it! It is Pidgin English, spoken in Nigeria. With a real struggle we can see what it says but it is certainly not easy.

People clamouring to get a trial copy of Genesis in their own language

This is what so many people around the world are having to do as they wait (sometimes for many, many years) for God’s Word to be translated into their heart language.

They are reading words and sentences that are hard to understand and in a language that doesn’t make much sense to them.

Help us change this now.

We have committed to changing this situation for large language groups in 3 countries – Ghana, Tanzania, and Democratic Republic of Congo – so that millions do not have to struggle and wait any longer. But we need you to partner with us to achieve this.

Your donations will help finalise the translation, proofreading, printing and delivery of Bibles into the hands of eagerly waiting Christians.

In Tanzania, where 6 million people are waiting, a few small portions of the Kisukuma Bible have already been produced to be used while waiting for the whole Bible.

A local minister says, “Whenever I read God’s Word aloud in my own tongue, I feel the real presence of God among us, and see God speaking to some of my congregants. This has grown church attendance. We are praying to God that the full Bible be completed and launched at the earliest time possible.” You can be the answer to that prayer with your gift today.

A translator at work in Ghana

In Ghana, hundreds of thousands of people are waiting for the Bible in the Esahie language.

People like Emmanuel Kwame, a farmer, who has been praying for a Bible in his own language for many years. He did receive a Bible some years ago, but the language was English. He says “It was so very difficult for me to understand, so I seldom read it. It was like a white elephant. I carried it to  church, but the treasures it held, I could not have.”

300,000 people could very soon have access to the treasures of God’s Word, but it will only happen if we can complete and publish this translation.

Please commit with us now to bring the joy of God’s Word to people like Emmanuel.

Rev Dr Sanguma

And finally, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, there is huge hunger for God’s Word among the 500,000 North-Ngbandi speakers.

Rev Dr Sanguma has been faithfully working with the translation team since 2006. He says, “My concern is how long before the North-Ngbandi people have their own Bible and can facilitate evangelism and mission”.

Your help is needed now so they don’t have to wait any longer.

This translation will help with their cultural identity, but it will also help them to know that they are citizens of the Kingdom of God as He speaks to them through His Word.

Please send your donation today to give the gift of God’s Word.