A special thank you from Simon Peter Mukhama, the General Secretary of the Bible Society of Uganda.

With a little black box, at a cost of £40, a church full of people in Uganda can hear the Word of God in their own language. This box is called a Proclaimer, and it has impacted many people and helped them live a transformed Christian life.

What makes the Proclaimer Audio Bible so important is that there is a high percentage of illiteracy in many of the villages in Uganda. Coupled with the ability to operate the machine by winding mechanism or solar power, this means that churches, and often whole villages, can sit around the Proclaimer and hear God’s Word read to them in their own heart language.

With a gift today you can help provide Proclaimer Audio Bibles for people desperate to hear God’s Word in their own language.

Chandiru Annet (not her real name) is 30 years old and from Nyangira village, Arua district. “I left home at a very early age because I did not heed my parents discipline. I was a very high tempered, quarrelsome, fighting woman. I killed my husband in a fight one day. I ran away, and I was told that he died soon after while being taken to the hospital. After I was caught, I was sentenced to 18 years in prison”.

“In prison, I found some inmates listening to the audio Bible, a Proclaimer. This was in my own Lugbara language. I heard the story of the prodigal son in Luke 11. When I remembered my parent’s constant advice and counsel, I felt that I betrayed them, and I cried bitterly.

Now I teach people to obey and love their parents so that they don’t end up like me. My prayer is, ‘God you have changed my heart and my behaviour. Help me to become a better person and to preach and change people’”.

Many more lives can be transformed through the use of Proclaimers. Your gift today will help the Bible Society of Uganda carry out their “Faith Comes by Hearing” mission.

The impact of hope and restorations among prisoners is amazing. Many inmates cannot hide their joy when listening to the audio Bible in their local languages. Some of them testify that it is the first time they have heard the Bible.

One prisoner was reluctant to leave when his sentence was over and when asked why, he said, “If I leave this prison, where can I find this Audio Bible?”

The Bible Society of Uganda is able to meet needs like this only through your generosity. Please send a gift today.

There are many testimonies of lives changed because of the Proclaimer.

In one of the listening groups of 40 people, five people gave their lives to Christ during the first hearing of God’s Word. The group members testify that they have been encouraged to reach out to others with the good news of Jesus Christ, and to live a life of sharing their gifts with the needy.

Elder Kato has been working to promote the Gospel in prisons. He took a proclaimer to Ssese Prison and 49 people came to faith.

Milly from Kaayi church, testified that ever since she was converted, through listening to the Proclaimer, she now shares the news of her transformation with everyone she can.

The Proclaimer is such a blessing to many. Please help it reach more people who are desperate to hear God’s Word in their own heart language.

Thank you.