*UPDATE* Thanks to your response, we’ve raised over £80,000 for our colleagues in Ukraine

As a result of your incredible response, we’ve been able to help the Bible Society of Ukraine to run reprints of the Bible for people in desperate circumstances. The Bible Society have been distributing copies of Scripture whilst providing essential supplies to communities that lack food, water and medicine.

As the conflict continues, the needs of the people are also growing.


“We cannot talk long term or even mid-term. We are talking about days. For several weeks we’ve got what we need. We wouldn’t even be able to get anything inside the country. We don’t know what kind of Ukraine there will be in a month.

Our stock of Bibles is quickly diminishing. We have many more requests for Scriptures than we are even able to provide.

We need more Bibles because there are millions of people who are moving from the east and south to the west, and who are in desperation. The amount of Scriptures we have and the amount of need we already see – and nobody knows how things will unfold – the demand might be way, way greater.”

A colleague from the Bible Society of Ukraine

Alongside Bible distribution, our colleagues in Ukraine and in neighbouring countries are also planning to provide Bible-based trauma healing to those who have been impacted and displaced by the war.

We are working with our Brothers and Sisters in the Bible Society of Ukraine as they bring the hope of God’s Word to a nation overwhelmed by fear, will you help us meet their need?