Hope within the Hopeless – Trauma Healing

The hopelessness felt after loss is a common effect of trauma. The Biblical Book of Ruth reminds us that God’s providential love is the only hope that we need in these times. There is a very specific warmth […]

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God reigns over the nations: A report from Ukraine

A few weeks ago, three SBS staff members attended a United Bible Societies Induction in Ukraine. Our Head of Bible Engagement, Adrian Armstrong, talks about what he, Rachael and Caroline got up to and the lessons they learned. […]

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What is God up to where we are?

What is God doing in Scotland?

If the Gospel is the power of God unto salvation, then the primary mission of the Church to sinners is to proclaim the Gospel. Whether it’s Morningside or Muirhouse, Barnton or Broomhouse, New Town or Niddrie, each is in equal need of the power of God unto salvation.

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Celebrating Bible Sunday

Bible Sunday

Bible Sunday is celebrated annually with churches using the same Bible passage as their focus so that across Scotland we join together to celebrate God’s Word. It’s a time when we remember the continuing impact the Bible has on individuals and communities in Scotland and throughout the world.

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Hearing God’s Word

Hearing God's Word

A friend of mine said to me recently: ‘The only thing holding me together is perpetual motion.’ She felt that life had become so pressured that, if she were to stop, she would collapse. Many of us feel like that. Finding the opportunity to step aside from the distracted restlessness of our world and of our hearts is a vital ingredient in living the life of faith. But it’s not easy, is it?

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