Bible distribution flourishes in South Sudan

It is always encouraging to hear about the successful work of different Bible Societies around the world and the impact that God’s Word is having on millions of lives. In South Sudan, Bible distribution has flourished in recent […]

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Persecuted for Following Christ

Persecuted Church

Every year Open Doors, a ministry aimed at serving persecuted Christians worldwide, updates its ‘World Watch List’. The list highlights the top 50 countries throughout the world that face the most severe levels of persecution. We are thankful […]

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World Book Day 2016

As it is World Book Day (March 3rd) we decided to celebrate the world’s best-selling book, The Bible! At the Scottish Bible Society we want to ensure that the Word of God can be made available to everyone […]

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Bible Ministry in Syria continues amidst war

Syrian refugees receiving relief packages and Scriptures from the Bible Society of Lebanon

As the conflict in Syria rages on into its fifth year, an estimated 4 million Syrians have fled the country and another 7.6 million have been internally displaced, having escaped to find shelter in safer areas. The demand […]

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China: A Church on the rise

A congregation in China display their Bibles

Forty years ago China saw the end of the Cultural Revolution, a time which is often described as one of the most painful events in Chinese Christians’ history. It ran across a ten year period, from 1966- 1976. […]

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God’s gift to Scotland this Christmas

A special edition of Luke’s Gospel has been designed with Christmas in mind. God’s Gift highlights the real meaning of Christmas through God’s Word describing the life of Jesus Christ, the Christmas child. Combined with children’s comments describing […]

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