The mission of the
Scottish Bible Society

Broad Strategic Approach to our Work

The Life Cycle of the Bible

The Life Cycle of the Bible

Our vision is to see individuals, communities and cultures transformed as people encounter God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) in the Bible.

The mission and motivation of the Scottish Bible Society are rooted in the uniqueness and importance of a living relationship with and faith in Jesus Christ. Our mission is to provide the Bible to people throughout the world in a language that they understand, in a format they can use, at a price they can afford and to encourage intellectual and spiritual engagement with God’s Word. We endeavour, through prayer and action, to promote this work of distribution and engagement with the Christian message not only in Scotland but also abroad, both where the message is known and where it is unknown.

Overall our strategy as an organisation is determined and shaped by our vision and mission as stated above. It is also influenced by the life cycle of the Bible as illustrated. This applies to our work in Scotland and around the world.

We have 3 main goals:

  1. To support Bible work globally through fundraising and partnering in a variety of ways with fellow Bible Societies within the United Bible Societies fellowship.
  2. To work with the church in Scotland to improve Biblical knowledge and understanding through meaningful engagement with the Bible and thus contributing to the growth of people’s relationship with God.
  3. To make wise use of opportunities to be advocates for the Bible in a variety of contexts within our culture so that those who are influencers recognise the value of the Bible in shaping strong and caring cultures.