Meet the Team (continued)

We have a committed team of talented individuals working at Bible House – our head office in Edinburgh. Read on to find out about our key staff members. Interested in helping out? Check out our volunteer opportunities.

Adrian Armstrong, Head of Bible Engagement

Adrian Armstrong Head of Bible Engagement

Working with churches, church leaders, speakers and the public to help and encourage Bible engagement in Scotland.

Telephone: 0131 347 9827


Jen Robertson

Jen Robertson Children’s Resource Manager

Working in Bible Engagement with a focus on engaging children, young people and families with the Bible.

Telephone: 0131 347 9820


Robert Russell Head of Donor Care

Responsible for the donor experience, encouraging individuals and groups to support our work in Scotland and around the world.

Telephone: 0131 347 9823


Norman Liddle Community Partnership Manager

Developing and maintaining relationships with churches, Action Groups and networks of individuals to help and encourage community support for Bible Society work.

Telephone: 0131 347 9812


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