Healing the Wounds of Trauma

The Lord is near to those who are discouraged, he saves those who have lost all hope.
Psalm 34:18 (GNB)


What is Trauma Healing?

Emotional trauma impacts more than one in seven people worldwide. In the aftermath of human tragedy — war, famine, domestic violence, abuse — people lose hope.

They feel trapped in a cycle of reliving their pain and struggle to believe that God can heal or release them from it.

But Scripture contains a message of hope that can bring healing.

Bible-based Trauma Healing is a unique programme which can help the local church provide a compassionate response to traumatised people in their communities.

How does it apply to Scotland?

In 2017, the Scottish Bible Society alongside the Trauma Healing Institute and Scottish church leaders joined together to consider whether a Bible-based Trauma Healing programme would be a useful addition to the ministries of churches in Scotland today.

It was determined that the resource would be hugely beneficial to communities across the country, with the programme being delivered by local churches.

Since the first training session in January 2018, 100 people have been trained to lead groups, 17 healing groups have been established, and over 160 people have attended groups.

All across Scotland, this incredible resource is seeing lives transformed through the Bible.

Each training course offers the opportunity to become familiar with the Trauma Healing material, and to understand the impact the resource can make.

The ‘Healing Groups’ are highly interactive, and, the response so far has been amazing.

“I think every church in Scotland should have a Trauma Healing group and use this material”.

On the night after the second class about bringing pain to the cross, I had the best night’s sleep that I had had for several months.

“For myself knowing and discussing the fact that when Christ went to The Cross He took not only all our sin but also all our pain when he suffered there was so reassuring.”.

How can my church get involved?

Below is a list of dates for the next training courses for Trauma Healing facilitators.

9th – 13th March 2020: Initial Facilitator Training *Fully booked*
18th – 22nd May 2020: Advanced Facilitator Training

(must have completed Initial Facilitator Training and ran two groups to sign up for Advanced course)
14th – 18th September 2020: Initial Facilitator Training
19th – 23rd October 2020: Initial Facilitator Training

To enquire about Trauma Healing and to book your place on a training course, email Pearl Liddle or call 0131 347 9822.