Read - Job 4:1-21

1 Eliphaz from Teman said: 2 Please be patient and listen to what I have to say. 3-4 Remember how your words have guided and encouraged many in need. 5 But now you feel discouraged when struck by trouble. 6 You respect God and live right, so don't lose hope! 7 No truly innocent person has ever died young. 8 In my experience, only those who plant seeds of evil harvest trouble, 9 and then they are swept away by the angry breath of God. 10 They may roar and growl like powerful lions. But when God breaks their teeth, 11 they starve, and their children are scattered. 12 A secret was told to me in a faint whisper— 13 I was overcome by sleep, but disturbed by dreams; 14 I trembled with fear, 15 and my hair stood on end, as a wind blew past my face. 16 It stopped and stood still. Then a form appeared— a shapeless form. And from the silence, I heard a voice say, 17 “No humans are innocent in the eyes of God their Creator. 18 He finds fault with his servants and even with his angels. 19 Humans are formed from clay and are fragile as moths, so what chance do you have? 20 Born after daybreak, you die before nightfall and disappear for ever. 21 Your tent pegs are pulled up, and you leave this life, having gained no wisdom.”

Contemporary English Version Copyright © 1995 American Bible Society. British usage edition. Anglicisations © 1997 British and Foreign Bible Society