Read - Psalm 119:73-96

73 You created me and put me together. Make me wise enough to learn what you have commanded. 74 Your worshippers will see me, and they will be glad that I trust your word. 75 Your decisions are correct, and you were right to punish me. 76 I serve you, LORD. Comfort me with your love, just as you have promised. 77 I love to obey your Law! Have mercy and let me live. 78 Put down those proud people who hurt me with their lies, because I have chosen to study your teachings. 79 Let your worshippers come to me, so they will learn to obey your rules. 80 Let me truly respect your laws, so I won't be ashamed. 81 I long for you to rescue me! Your word is my only hope. 82 I am worn out from waiting for you to keep your word. When will you have mercy? 83 My life is wasting away like a dried up wineskin, but I have not forgotten your teachings. 84 I am your servant! How long must I suffer? When will you punish those troublemakers? 85 Those proud people reject your teachings, and they dig pits for me to fall in. 86 Your laws can be trusted! Protect me from cruel liars. 87 They have almost killed me, but I have been faithful to your teachings. 88 Show that you love me and let me live, so that I may obey all of your commands. 89 Our LORD, you are eternal! Your word will last as long as the heavens. 90 You remain faithful in every generation, and the earth you created will keep standing firm. 91 All things are your servants, and the laws you made are still in effect today. 92 If I had not found happiness in obeying your Law, I would have died in misery. 93 I won't ever forget your teachings, because you give me new life by following them. 94 I belong to you, and I have respected your laws, so keep me safe. 95 Brutal enemies are waiting to ambush and destroy me, but I obey your rules. 96 Nothing is completely perfect, except your teachings.

Contemporary English Version Copyright © 1995 American Bible Society. British usage edition. Anglicisations © 1997 British and Foreign Bible Society