Read - Jeremiah 4:19-31

19 I can't stand the pain! My heart pounds, as I twist and turn in agony. I hear the signal trumpet and the battle cry of the enemy, and I cannot be silent. 20 I see the enemy defeating us time after time, leaving everything in ruins. Even my own home is destroyed in a moment. 21 How long will I see enemy flags and hear their trumpets? 22 I heard the LORD say, “My people ignore me. They are foolish children who do not understand that they will be punished. All they know is how to sin.” 23 After this, I looked around. The earth was barren, with no form of life. The sun, moon, and stars had disappeared. 24 The mountains were shaking; 25 no people could be seen, and all the birds had flown away. 26 Farmland had become a desert, and towns were in ruins. The LORD's fierce anger had done all of this. 27-28 The LORD said: I have made my decision, and I won't change my mind. This land will be destroyed, although not completely. The sky will turn dark, and the earth will mourn. 29 Enemy cavalry and archers shout their battle cry. People run for their lives and try to find safety among trees and rocks. Every town is empty. 30 Jerusalem, your land has been wiped out. But you act like a prostitute and try to win back your lovers, who now hate you. You can put on a red dress, gold jewellery, and eye shadow, but it's no use— your lovers are out to kill you! 31 I heard groaning and crying. Was it a woman giving birth to her first child? No, it was Jerusalem. She was gasping for breath and begging for help. “I'm dying!” she said. “They have murdered me.”

Contemporary English Version Copyright © 1995 American Bible Society. British usage edition. Anglicisations © 1997 British and Foreign Bible Society