Bible2020 is an incredibly simple idea: everyone, everywhere reading the Bible out loud, every day of 2020.

The Scottish Bible Society has produced a series of fun-filled and easy to use daily activities, to enable families to get the most out of using the Bible 2020 App.

Short and simple, these activities are designed to make the Bible come alive in the everyday rhythms that make up family life as we talk about what we have read from the Bible on the journey to school or work, around the table at mealtimes, going for a walk, or as we get ready for bed.

We pray that God would use these resources to bless families around the nation, as God’s word is read out loud, and integrated into daily life, every day of 2020.

Download the BIBLE 2020 app for IOS or Android and join the global movement!


  • 2020 Family Resource Q1Covering the Bible 2020 daily readings from 1st January all the way to 3rd April, may these resources help you as you and your family connect with God in His life-transforming Word.
  • The Beginning (1st January - 20th January)We begin the year declaring the truth that God created the heavens and earth. So we proclaim that the earth and everything in it belongs to Him.
  • A Good God (21st January - 9th February)These readings declare the uniqueness of God, worshipping God. for the beauty and wonder of His character.
  • Real Love (10th February - 29th February)Reflecting on the transformative reality of God’s love for us, fully revealed in Christ, these readings call for us to reflect God’s love to others
  • The Son (1st March - 20th March)As we move closer to Easter, these readings help us to focus on how God reveals himself to us through Jesus - his teachings, healing and the words Jesus used to describe himself.
  • His Kingdom Comes (21st March - 3rd April)God's Kingdom: His rule over all the earth, the promise of a coming King, and looking ahead to the day kingdom of the world becomes the Kingdom of our Lord and of his Messiah, when he will reign for ever and ever.