Amos is one of the minor prophets, so called because the books in their name are shorter than the major prophets of Daniel, Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel.

Amos begins with judgement on Israel’s neighbours, eight nations condemned by God for enslaving other nations, war crimes and atrocities against humanity.

But then through Amos, God’s focus turns to his own people, Israel.

Amidst a time of seeming success, God condemns his people for the social injustice that exists and for their failure to keep their covenant with Him.

Amos pleads with God, but eventually God proclaims judgement on his own people.

But Amos ends with hope: God’s judgement of his people gives way to a promise from God that He would restore them.

This series of studies covers the whole book of Amos in twelve studies and uses the Conversations method.