Colossians Bible StudyColossians was written by Paul and Timothy to Christians in Colossae and was intended to be shared with their neighbouring church in Laodicea. These churches were struggling with some of the same issues Paul had encountered elsewhere. Of particular concern to Paul were those false teachers who suggest that there is some hidden knowledge or “mystery” that must be discovered in addition to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Paul launches a robust defence of the Gospel, and forcefully argues that God has revealed everything in Jesus Christ, and that Christ and Christ alone is the heart of the gospel message.

Colossians contains incredible truths about who Jesus is and what God has done for us through Christ. Like most of Paul’s letters, Colossians has a great list of folk who supported and worked alongside Paul in gospel ministry and the letter has much to say about how we conduct our relationships inside and outside of the church.

This 7-part study of Colossians covers the entire book. It takes less than ten minutes to read the whole of Colossians. If possible, reading the whole letter again before each study would allow the text to really sink in.