Life transformed
The new Life Transformed series of Bible studies reflects our belief that the Bible is God’s word, and that when we read it, God works through it to change us. Through the Bible, we encounter God, and hear Him speak into our lives. And if we are willing to listen and respond, then transformation is always the result.

Encountering the God who speaks

Conversations Study

From the very opening pages of the Bible, God speaks.

In Genesis, God speaks, and the world is formed and filled with life: God’s Word is powerful, and when God speaks, the world is changed.

From the very beginning of the Biblical story, God’s Word is personal and relational: God speaks to humanity, walking and talking with humanity in a garden paradise (Genesis 3).

God’s Word is always a revelation – it shows us who God is and what God is like – that we might know God. But God’s Word also reveals who we are – it shows us who we are and what we are like – that we might be known.

This set of studies focuses on eight individuals and their transforming encounters with God. While the encounters are all unique in their own way, crucially, in each of these encounters the individuals hear God speak.

Download the studies & a handy guide to the Conversations method below.