Life transformed
The new Life Transformed series of Bible studies reflects our belief that the Bible is God’s word, and that when we read it, God works through it to change us. Through the Bible, we encounter God, and hear Him speak into our lives. And if we are willing to listen and respond, then transformation is always the result.

Meeting Jesus

Manuscript Study

Throughout the Gospels there are stories of individuals having transforming encounters with Jesus.

Two thousand years later, these stories can become places of transformation for us, as we encounter Jesus afresh through reading these stories in the Bible.

Meeting Jesus is always transformational, and these stories speak of every area of life being transformed. Just as with the individuals in the stories, we come with a myriad of needs in our lives: the need for vocation, for repentance and forgiveness, for healing, for resurrection, for being set free, and for seeing evil defeated in our lives.

May it be as we read these stories, that we meet Jesus, and through meeting Jesus afresh we might experience our own transforming encounter.