Luke 18 has much to tell us about the hallmarks of a godly Kingdom. As Scotland and the UK examine and rebuild the structures and statutes of governance, what should our hopes and aspirations be for our country?

  • A Kingdom of Justice or injustice (v1-8)
  • A Kingdom of arrogance or humility (v9-14)
  • A Kingdom for children (v15-17)
  • A Kingdom of hoarding or generosity (v18-30)
  • A Kingdom of suffering and misunderstandings (v31-34)
  • A Kingdom of blindness or sight (v35- 43)

This resource contains three Bible study methods and accompanying suggestions for how you might use them with this passage – drawing out some of the topics above.
We suggest you choose the method best suited to your group and shape the study accordingly.


  • New Kingdom ComingA study on Luke 18, comprising of elements in Conversations, Talk the Word and Lectio Divina