Love is…

Love Is... Easter study resource

An Easter study resource that encourages us to listen to conversations Jesus had as He heads towards the cross.

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Talk the Word – Matthew: Parables

Gospel of Matthew Parables Bible Study

The Gospel of Matthew contains a large number of parables told by Jesus – stories with a hidden meaning. These are stories that will only yield their true meaning as we take time to think through what Jesus is saying.

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Conversations – Colossians

Colossians Bible Study

A 7-part study that covers the whole of the Epistle to the Colossians. Colossians, and this study, help to indicate the incredible truths about who Jesus is and what God has done for us through Christ.

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Conversations – Exodus Study

Exodus Bible Study

Our study of Exodus covers the story of abject slavery and glorious liberation. God patiently teaches what human responsibility means, both in worship and in our relationships with others.

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Journey to Jerusalem

A new Bible study resource that leads you through the events of Holy Week. Includes a short passage commentary, reflective questions and activities for children.

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Conversations – Advent Study

These seven Advent studies are here to help us value the Biblical message of Christmas and prepare ourselves to remember and celebrate the coming of Jesus into our world.

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