Matthew’s Gospel clearly outlines the ministry of Jesus as teaching, healing and driving out evil.

As well as writing this down in a number of summary statements which speak of the multitudes bringing their sick and demon possessed to Jesus for healing (Matt 4:23-25; 8:16-17; 9:35-36; 14:14, 35-36, 15:30-31), Matthew records many individual encounters with Jesus, where Jesus heals and drives out evil.

Just as Matthew gathers together his accounts of Jesus’ teaching ministry, so Matthew also brings together stories of Jesus’ ministry of healing and driving out evil, in Matthew 8-9, 14-15.

These stories offer an astonishing portrait of Christ, and of His power to heal broken lives.

This set of studies covers fourteen passages in Matthew’s Gospel in which Jesus displays miraculous power – healing the sick, raising the dead, and driving out evil.

These studies use the Talk the Word method (described below).

This simple but incredibly effective way of studying the Biblical text brings these stories to life.

These stories would originally have been told, rather than read.

In retelling these stories in this vivid way, we can enter into the experience of those who first encountered Jesus Christ and His power to heal broken lives.