From 28th March, the old round £1 coin will be replaced by the all new 12-sided coin.

On 15th October, the old coins will cease to be legal tender. This is your chance to turn your old, round £1 coins into Bibles

Request a collection box now. For every £5 you collect, we can provide a Bible to someone longing for their own copy of God’s Word. People like Bernice:

Bernice testimony

Request your collection box today

If you have any questions, or would rather telephone to order your collection box, please call 0131 347 9801.

Instructions are included with the collection box. Please do not send cash via the post. Deposit collected funds at your bank or building society, then send a cheque to the address indicated on the collection box. Alternatively, boxes can be dropped off at Bible House instead. Remember, you will need to pay any old £1 coins into your bank before 15th October.