Bake for Bibles

It seems that people have become a little cupcake-crazy and baking obsessed, so we thought, why not join in and get the mixing bowl out!

We all enjoy a cheeky cupcake – the fluffy sponge, the sweet butter cream icing, all the sprinkles you can manage – so why not take this passion and use it to raise a bit of money?

Whether you’ve been baking for years or you are looking for a good excuse to give it a go, ‘Bake for Bibles’ provides the perfect opportunity to get the oven on and raise a bit of money while you do.

Every effort made and every penny you raise will go to distributing Bibles around the world. Every item you bake will help give a Bible to someone who is desperate to have the chance to know God better.

People like Steven, who received his first Bible from the Suriname Bible Society.

60% of people in Suriname live below the poverty line, and naturally, children and young people are worst affected. Steven didn’t want to become like so many other young people around him, and now because of the support of Bible Society supporters, he can experience the comfort and guidance of God’s Word for himself.

Or in the Middle East, where the conflict is ongoing and Christians are still being persecuted for their faith, the Bible Society continues to work in Syria.

In fact, the Bible is in unprecedented demand. The head of the Bible Society in Syria, George Andrea, says the Bible is bringing hope and peace to Syrian Christians, but they need more to give away.

The church is playing a critical part in sharing the love of Jesus with those affected by the war.

Not only is the Syrian Church looking after Christians, it is also providing no-strings-attached aid to anyone who needs it.

‘Bake for Bibles’ comes in many different forms – from coffee mornings to Bake-a-thons, there are lots of ways to raise money. Use this pack to give you some ideas of an event that you could run, or get creative and come up with something completely different!

By organising a ‘Bake for Bibles’ event you will be partnering with the Scottish Bible Society and taking a stand against Bible poverty!

If you are ready to get the mixing bowl out, just complete the form on this page and we will post/email you a fundraising pack.

Alternatively, if you want to chat through your ideas for Bake for Bibles or have any questions, please contact Norman Liddle by email or on 0131 347 9812.

Thank you for helping us, and remember to have fun baking for Bibles!